Just What is Transgendered?
 Today’s society typically judges someone’s gender by their physical attributes. Personal gender identification is primarily originated in the brain. Approximately 5% of the population has some level of Gender Dysphoria commonly called Transgendered (TG). TG folks have an opposite gender in their brains then their bodies. There are many different levels of TGism from mild (occasional cross dresser) to full (transexual).

TG folks include

  •   Cross dressers (transvestites, TV), whom with the milder form of TG, typically dress secretly and mostly for sexual arousal, are typically heterosexual, and tend to guard and hide their "secret".
  •   Transexuals have a gender identity in their brains entirely opposite of their biological parts. Typically, they want to undergo hormone therapy and pursue Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) to match their body’s gender to their brain gender.
  •   Heterosexuals, Gays, Bisexuals, Males, Females all include TG
  •   Gays/Lesbians/Bisexuals and Straights but TG’s regardless of sexual preference are often grouped in with Gay organizations because of the Gay’s  acceptance of TG since some TG are Gay.
  •   All TG folks are gay. Not true. Sexual preference and gender identity are separate issues. The population distribution of non-TG gays matches that of TG gays.
  •   All Female Impersonators are gay. Not true, professional entertainers performing a show for an audience don’t correlate their sexual preference with their work and are not even necessarily TG although many are gay..
  •   Drag Queens are gay. This is mostly true although not entirely. Unfortunately some TG people cannot make a living being themselves and end up as street prostitutes. This tends to confuse the non-gay TG even more and questions his/hers sexual preference despite the fact that gender identity is a separate issue. 
  •   Hollywood Movies such as Tootsie etc tend to reinforce the misconceptions of mixing gender identity and sexual preference
  •   Drag Shows held in gay bars are fun shows to watch for gays. True for the gays in the audience, but these shows tend to reinforce the misconceptions of all TG are gay which is a complete fallacy.
Issues to Address
  •   Education. The public needs to understand TG and lose some of their misconceptions. Education of TG to help them lose their shame and guilt and encourage them to be happy being themselves
  •   Outreach. Seek out TG, many of which are very scared of anyone knowing anything about them and their "secret".
  •   Support. Provide a caring, anonymous environment for TG and hook them up with community resources that are TG friendly.

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