A Transgendered's First Public Appearance

If you are a TG and have never ventured out in public before because of fear, shame or guilt and want the thrill of your lifetime, keep reading. Go on a "business trip" to another town near you and get a room. You would have already checked where a  TG friendly place is in town by going to the resources section of www.tg2tg.org (a Transgendered support website). Dress up conservatively and take a cab to the place. Have fun, always practice safe sex if you want to get into this situation, and mostly and most importantly, just enjoy being yourself. 

Here are a few tips for Transgender Girls doing their first public thing
   Try to avoid bars, try TG friendly coffee houses, book stores, and restaurants.

  •   Talk with a softer voice and try making your voice higher than usual
  •   Donít dress up like a slut - save that one for your Significant Other (SO)
  •   Donít get sloshed and lose your judgment
  •   Do mix with the crowd and talk with everyone - male and female
  •   Donít comment on your sexual preference to anyone until you want them to know, if they "make" you, be honest with them, "Yep, Iím Transgendered, itís really no big deal really, my sexual preference has nothing to do with my gender Dysphoria and I'm just being myself".
  •   Do Enjoy being yourself